Here's some stuff to entertain you until the next performance of the Frank Trompeter Quintet (or Frank's Discount Lounge Act, if you're into that sort of thing.)


You can hear a track from the new CD on MySpace over there on the right. I think the first one is Walk Tall, which it turns out is NOT the name of "Baby, That's What I Need (Walk Tall)."  That and our acid jazz take on Body and Soul.


Birk's Works:

Recorded Nov. 20, 2009 at Marly's Pub.


There's more of that where this came from, provided Miller gets his act in gear and finishes editing it. It can't come soon enough as Frank finds his busy work during the keyboard solo to be distracting, if anyone was trying to check out the piano solo going on. First tune of the night, looks like he was still putting the set together. Enjoy until he gets this switched out.


Kid doing Light Experiment in movie "Science of Light," looks threatening
Frank solos on alto sax, apparently pissing off the kid in the movie. Trumpeter AJ Good waits his turn.

Frank singing "I'm Beginning to SEe the Light" with FIlm Accompaniment
Noting like seeing Frank sing "I'm Beginning to See the Light" with this old science film playing behind the band!

(FTQ playing Marly's Pub in Springfield, IL, c. 2008)

Coming Up

Coming Up Next in TWENTY- SEVENTEEN:

  • Frank T Trio back at All About Wine.

    Frank Trompeter Quartet back at Norb Andy's

And Later:

  • Jazz at the Bistro?
  • Z Bistro in Springfield again?
  • Jazz Festivals in 2017?
X-Ray Sax
Derived from original image by kookalamanza / CC BY 2.0


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