We're back at Norb Andy's!
Frank T. Quartet entertains with a special all-instrumentals night.

FRIDAY Dec 12, 2014: 8:30pm Frank Trompeter Quartet at
Norb Andy's 518 E Capitol, Springfield IL


Jazzberry Jam  with Frank T Jazz Trio

Donnie's Homespun, 107 E Cook (VInegar Hill Mall),

Springfield IL  Thursday Dec. 18 with FIlm Treatments, Jan. 15, 2015, etc. (Third Thursdays)

First Set (7pm) Frank T Trio plays 4 or 4 songs, featuring Chris and Mark.
8 - 10pm: Open Jam with guests. Bring your horn, your guitar, harmonicas, whatever. They've got a PA already, and some amps we can use. Come out and JAM! And would you like toast with your jam?!

• News Flash (from May, 2014): No More Marly's Jazz    We had a BLAST playing almost 250 "FRIDAY@LAST" & "JaZz ETc" JAZZ HAPPY HOURs at Marly's Pub Jazz Fridays for over 7 years: Thanks Marly's, thanks Brooks, Wave, Casey, Warren, etc.!! ... The 1st ever Film Treatments shows, "AV-Jazz," began 3-14-2011 at Marly's.

Last gig at the amazing Craft Beer Bar was in November (back January, 2015)
• FRIDAY Nov 20, 2014: Frank Trompeter Trio at CRAFT BEER BAR 5th & Monroe, Springfield, IL
  7:30pm  NO COVER, Ridiculous beer selection, with Chris Miller piano and Mark McKnight drums


Saturday December 6, 2014 
Frank's Discount Lounge Act
  at It's All About Wine 1305 Wabash, Springfield, IL  7:00pm
Frank T. is: Frank E. Rambelon,
Finest Working Lounge Singer in Sangamon County He  entertains with classic Frank Sinatra covers, re-interprets the pop of The Beatles, BeeGees, Robert Palmer and even Eminem, and possibly with some jazz, blues, and standards. Goofy Hot Sax and Fancy Singin,' with nods to such brilliant lounge singers as Will Ferrell, Bill Murray and Richard Cheese. With Tombé Kemayo playing piano and trying to keep a straight face.

    ... soon...
• February of March, 2015: Frank Trompeter Trio at It's All About Wine, 1305 Wabash Ave, Springfield, IL
   8 - 11 pm
   First time Frank has willingly had a Drummerless Gig, this time with Acoutic Bassist Rob Killam, and Pianist Curtis Atchley
subbing for Chris Miller

   ... past ...
• July 25, 2014 Films n Jazz at the Frankie's on The Boulevard:
2413 S. MacArthur, with guest drummer Reid Muchow


There's no one regular gig:

Some Fridays and Saturdays:    FTQ @ Norb Andy Tabarin, Craft Beer Bar, ...

New Member(s): Timothy Niemeyer has been on sabbatical as our Guitarist.  He's busy with issues that allow us to use original FTQ trumpeter Brian Pryor to sub for Tim about all most of the time. Be well


Live CD On Sale: Ask about the Gnarly at Marly's CD at a live show, they are now just $5(!).

The  CD "Gnarly at Marly's" came out in April 2010, sold over 150 in the first month. Recorded in 2009, the disc contains ten FTQ Live CD front paneltracks spanning a vast range of styles, including straight ahead jazz, blues, reggae, ska, funk and smooth jazz. There are good reviews out there, on Amazon, and like ...
Monica (Concord, CA): I LOVE your cd... When I listen to it while I'm driving, it makes me want to wave at everyone. #1 and #7 are my favorites. I'm wearing out #7!                   
    "Let us know how YOU Like it

The FTQ's upcoming Studio CD should be recorded in 2015, at this rate

Contact the Frank Trompeter Quintet/Quartet:   FrankT@frankjazz.com
        Email us at FRANKT "at" frankjazz DOT com


CDs easily available on-line (at old full price):
   Buy from Frank directly via PayPal:

or from CDBaby.com:
Also for sale at Amazon.com and CD Universe

Downloads from DigStation.com:


More About Film Treatments

Besides the huge AV-JAZZaGANZA shows, Jazz, Etc. Happy Hours get film accompaniment about every other month. Frank used his pro theatrical Screen, which is a bit over ten ft tall by ten ft wide.

Past Film Treatment Theme Shows at Marly's Pub:
"Spooky Jazz" at Marly's Pub 10-25-13 
  DEC 28, 2012: AV-Jazz Holidaze
  OCT 26 2012: Spooky Jazz: film footage from cartoons like Caspar and one with the story Katura and the (Black) Cat. plus a scary Dr. Seuss clip!
   2011: Recycled Celluloid for Earth Day: Earth Day theme, like Urban Overpopulation behind What a Wonderful World

Coming Up

Coming Up Next in the mean 2014:

  • Friday, December  12, 2014  FRANK TROMPETER TRIO at Norb Andy's
    Norb Andy's, 518 E Capitol Springfield IL

    Earlier: Saturday, Dec 6, 2014 DIscount Lounge Act at All About Wine. Fun night.

And Later:

  • More Jazzberry Jams at Donni'e Homespun (3rd Thurs)
  • Jazz at the Bistro?
  • Jazz Festivals in 2015 Finally??
X-Ray Sax
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In fact, sometimes the lounge can only afford our "closely related" Frank's Discount Lounge Act musi-comedy performances.