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Frank Trompeter QuintetBrian Pryor on Flugelhorn and Trumpet

Formed as a Quintet in 1993, and a quartet 1998 - 2010— original quartet line-up featured Greg Fundis and Chad Sanders from 56 Hope Road-- the FTQ in various forms and line-ups has played jazz festivals in Springfield and Ashikaga, Japan, and fund-raiser gigs for the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Blackhawks.

Frank Trompeter grew up in Chicago and suburbs, playing guitar as a kid. He picked up the sax in college at SIUC, playing New York City in the early 80s with David & The Happenings. He has studied with Henry Miles, Los Angeles session player Kim Richmond, Mack Avenue recording artist Sachal Vasandani, and attended clinics with Grammy-nom. Jazz Singer Nnenna Freelon, Jeff Clayton (American Idol), Paquito d'Rivera and others. He sang and played sax in a 2008 Port Townsend Jazz Festival performance at the Key City Playhouse, and then played alto sax in an ensemble led by Ambrose Akinmusire at the 2009 Port Townsend Jazz Festival.

Quintet shows feature brilliant local music producer, educator and jazz trumpeter Brian Prior (pictured above). Brian leads his own groups "The RK Factor” and jazz trio BP3, and operates Future Street Music (also see pryormusic.com).

Pianist Chris Miller has many impressive side man credits based on his solid jazz chops, soulful fender rhodes and B3 organ sounds. He also performs with the Brian Pryor Jazztet.

Bassist Rob Killam (not pictured) has accompanied great musicians locally and alsewhere. He can play in all styles, and is a sought after sideman with great chops and very good solos. 

Drummer Dion Doss, pictured, also plays with Brooke Thomas and the Blue Suns)

Frank's Discount Lounge Act (see the Facebook Page)

Frank in Chuck B. Glasses

Frank E. Rambelon, self-proclaimed "Finest Lounge Singer in all Sangamon County," entertains with show tunes, melodic re-interpretations of The Beatles and Megastar Eminem, and some jazz, blues, and standards. Goofy playin' and singin' with nods to such brilliant lounge singers as Will Ferrell, Bill Murray and Richard Cheese. With Chris Miller or Tombé Kemayo playing piano and trying to keep a straight face.
      Can be experienced at It's All About Wine in Springfield IL on a SATURDAY NIGHT ( ;-o) once in a while. 
        Who else wants to hire some of this brilliance??  ;-)

Coming Up

Coming Up Next in TWENTY- SEVENTEEN:

  • Frank T Trio back at All About Wine.

    Frank Trompeter Quartet back at Norb Andy's

And Later:

  • Jazz at the Bistro?
  • Z Bistro in Springfield again?
  • Jazz Festivals in 2017?
X-Ray Sax
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Just don't expect us to be called The Frank Trompeter Quintet everywhere, or to always be able to play every show as the full 5-piece version.
In fact, sometimes the lounge can only afford our "closely related" Frank's Discount Lounge Act musi-comedy performances.